Regarding Ingred Espana

Statement to Ingred Espana

We would like to reply here publicly to @Ingred.Spain Ingred España. Our innovation, compared to you, lies in the following:

a) We the user with an ingredient hazard score that is created based on our scoring function and the chemical databases of the European Commission and the National Institutes of Health.

b) We have used data mining and bioinformatics techniques to provide the user with information on i) cancer, ii) allergies, iii) irritation, iv) hazard statements, v) toxicity, vi) pharmacological classification. You do not provide this information, you only copy wikipedia information.

c) We are the company “Ingredio” and not “Ingred Espana”, where the .io symbolizes the input – output functionality of our app.

d) Our logo is completely different, you can see it is green in a benzene ring. Our logo is unique and yours is not as can been seen from the following link , which shows 16 cases of OTHER WEBSITES, which use the same logo as yours.

e) Your facebook cover is used in 181 OTHER WEBSITES, as can been seen by the link below 

f) You do not have a recognized EU trademark 

g) Optical Character Recognition exists since 1914 and can be used from anyone.

h) Regarding the name of your company Zorrosoft, seen on Google Play as the publisher of Ingred Espana, can you please advise on the origin of the similarity of your company name with that belongs to Yinsi Baohu Yi Kaiqi
also with
zorrosoft.net and ?